I am your property.


I am the arm candy that you show off to the world.

You merged sugar and spice, only to

power-puff your dominance into my life.


I am a buffet.


I am hooked up for all to see, in my medium rarity,

knife and forks in the shape of rings and jewels.


I am here for your entertainment.


The empty streets are your catwalk and you Tyra Bank

on the fact that you have the loudest whistle so I will run to you.


I am not your friend.


Out of tight spots, you twist and turn to pull me out so

you must complain when there’s no screw.


I am your drawing.


Erase all the mistakes you can see and hope that the

extreme makeover will occur.

I am your fifty shades.

Flip through the covers and land on the lightest tone,

scorning the other forty-nine.


I am the distressed damsal, even if I don’t know it.

You armour reflects back to me and you tell me why

I’m not the farest in the land.


I am a store.

Everything is up for grabs no matter how bare or

hidden and frankly, first comes, first rests.


I am everyone’s but my own.



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