It sucks.

Not everyone has the same heart as you. Now I know that you’re no Mother Theresa but is it too much to expect for people to treat you with the same respect and consideration that you treat them with? Yes, it is too much to ask for.

Just because you consider other people and hurt when you can’t help them doesn’t mean they’ll do the same for you. Frankly, what they will do is play the victim and make you feel bad for not being able to step up. Yes, when they can’t help you out you accept it but that doesn’t mean they’ll treat you with the same courtesy now does  it.

It sucks right? What it comes down to is respect. They don’t respect you. At all. Not that they don’t respect you as a person but as a human being who has emotions and feelings. What you are is simply a tool to further their agenda and if you refuse to be a part of their plan, you’re selfish and no one likes a selfish person now do they?

Is this how people become bitter? Not because you don’t come through for them but because those same people make you feel horrible for not being able to act. Now that’s a screwed up cycle if I ever heard of one.

So what? Do you put your foot down and treat them with their own medicine, ignoring the rise of bile at the back of your throat and the twist and turning of your stomach muscles? So what if you have trouble falling asleep at night? They should get what they dish out, right? Right?

It sucks but.. you can’t do that. You can’t be the door that locks people out, you’d rather be the mat that welcomes them no matter how many times they dust their feet off you..

It sucks.


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