Let’s play pretend.


Let’s gaze at the stars ignoring the meteor

that is my doubts heading our way.

Let’s dance under the rain bearing no notice

to the gathering clouds that are my fears.

Let’s race through the meadows ignoring the

itchy feel of the pricking thorns that is my worry.


Let’s play pretend.


Let your smile come natural whilst you stencil colgate

perfection onto my face.

Let your eyes light up whilst you screw bulbs of hope

into my skull.

Let your laughter ring loudly whilst you puppeteer my own.


Let’s play pretend.


Let’s make-up the never-before-seen in order for it not to

be seen.

Let’s hashtag every public kiss and block every private trend.

Let’s let the bruises heal and try not to anger him next time.


Let’s play pretend.


Dress me up and have my long sleeves hide bright red marks that

is your hand print.

Show me off to the world so that they will always applaud you version

of events.

Fill my mind with the strongest promises only to break and crack them

with my ribs.


So, wanna play?


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