Good for you.

You know misery. You know what it feels like to be laughed at and ridiculed because you don’t fit the mold. You don’t blend in with society. You don’t fit into the box they picked out for you.

You know pain. You know what it’s like to have people use the authority they have over you and become reincarnations of evil, simply to avoid their own problems. You know what it’s like to be emotionally abused to the point where the only thing you feel is the rain on your skin.

You know disappointment. You know what it’s like to put your trust and hope in someone and have them crush your spirit. You know what it’s like for people to use you, disregard you and then play the victim when you hit the block button.

Good for you because you know all these horrible feelings and you promised yourself that you would never hurt someone the way you’ve been hurt. And you haven’t.. Almost.

You get angry and yell and scream, and before you know it you’ve transformed into the very thing you despise. You look into their eyes and see the brokenness that was once in yours. Those tears flow the same way yours did. You promise yourself that you’ll never do it again. You’ll be nice.. You will..

But you can’t because you don’t realise just how damaged you are. You don’t realise just how many scars haven’t healed and the one person you want to curse and yell and scream at.. For some reason, you just can’t give that person the satisfaction. You don’t want them to know how deeply they damaged you so you just suck it up and pretend that you’re alive. Pretend that you’re soul isn’t a billowing mess of ashes.

That pride? That pride will have you spewing bitterness onto innocents. That pride has you looking in the mirror and seeing that evil instead of your face. That pride will turn you into a monster and before you know it, there’s one more bitter woman in the world.




2 thoughts on “One More Bitter Woman In The World.

  1. Waw….. your words struck my soul. Because right now I am on a journey towards innerpeace so I dont become that bitter woman. I have been there. It’s a dungeon with a starved demon I do not wish to visit nor feed. My choice is forgiveness. Forgive what they have done so I can let go. greetings!


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