Yes, so lately my posts have been a little on the wah-wah side. I’m pretty sure some of you were seconds away from calling a whambulance but just to ease all concern, I’m not some hermit venting out my frustrations and sadness onto my blog. My weekends, asdie from being packed back-to-back with school work, have been quite eventful. Perfect example would be two weekends ago when I attended the Colour Run Festival in Randburg.

Growing up outside of South Africa, there were always festivals I told myself I would attend through all means possible. One of those festivals was Joburg Day, which you can read all about here. The other festival was Colour Run. Luckily, I didn’t have to spend a dime on the tickets. Whoa whoa, get your mind out the gutter. The Joburg Day tickets were given to me by a friend and the Colour Run tickets.. Well.. About that.. See what had happened.. I sat down in front of a computer and googled ‘Win Colour Run 2016 tickets‘ and voila.. Hello Colour Run. Don’t say perseverance doesn’t get you anywhere.

Check out the colourful pictures.

PS. I almost fell in the shower washing all that powder out. This hair is pretty heavy…

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