Day Job

Sonia would be lying if she said she hated her job. Granted most people could find at least three things that they’d wish to change about their current employment but she couldn’t find one thing to complain about. The hours were great and her employers were nothing short of generous. Yes, it had been a year since her graduation ceremony where she obtained a degree in journalism but that didn’t mean she was bothered by the fact that the only job she could find was being an Au Pair. The money she was making from babysitting was twice the amount that her former course-mates were making in their respective field so she was doing anything but complaining. Humming was what she was doing.

“Why are you humming?” the voice of seven-year old Alex drifted through the kitchen and landed by Sonia’s ears as she rinsed the dishes. Sonia turned on her heel, smiling at the inqusitive child before approaching her and ruffling her hair. She would have squated down to her lkevel but the last thing Sonia wanted to do was have her pants lower.. Well lower than they already were. At least not yet.

“You ask a lot of questions for a kid you know that?” Alex bared her gap-toothed grin and Sonia couldn’t help but kiss her head. Over the last year, she had grown quite fond of the little girl. She was almost the sole reason that she came to work. Almost. The door to the kitchen swung open and the tapping of heels on a polished marble floor filled the spacious room, “Morning Mrs. Stewart” The women in the oversized T-shirt proclaiming a love for robust women and baggy trousers barely glanced at Sonia, “How are we today?” Mrs. Stewart walked into the pantry before coming out with a large bag on potatoe chips in her hands, “I love your shoes” Mrs. Stewart’s dark orbs were focused on one thing and thing only; her potatoe chips. She only looked up to give her daughter a meek smile before walking out of the kitchen.

“My mummy’s sick isn’t she?” Alex’s soft voice was filled with a pang of hurt. Sonia responded with a much warmer smile than the one she had gotten from her mother,

“Your mum’s just really tired smurf. She just needs her rest”

“She’s been like that since last year”

“A lot of rest and then she’ll be fine”

“Promise?” Sonia wasn’t the child’s mother. Why did she have to be the one making promises?

“I promise”

Today was a lazy day. Alex was at school thus she she had plenty of time on her hands. Granted lazy days consisted of staying at home and watching Friends reruns but for Sonia lazy days were spent walking around the castle that was the Stewart household revelling in the beauty that was their home. One day she’d have a home like this. She knew she would. Granted she didn’t grow up rummaging through plastic bins for a meal but that didn’t mean she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth either. She craved the good life. She yearned for it. Often than not she’d find herself in one of the houses’s many bedrooms, trying on Mrs. Stewart’s many dresses. Dresses that had seemingly begun to fade due to neglect. It seemed the only thing that the lady of the house chose to wear was baggy pants and an oversized T-shirt. Sonia almost felt sorry for her but then she realised that if it hadn’t been for her nervous breakdown then Sonia would have never gotten the job so.. Oh well. The wardrobe was her absolute favourite thing to dig through in the house. Only in a house like this would the Missus have three bedrooms, two that she used solely to store her clothes. Besides, Sonia had long since stopped worrying about being caught as the poor woman rarely left her bedroom and in the rare chance that she did, it was usually to venture into the pantry only to come out with something that had either been baked, fried or simply dumped into a tub of calories. Nevertheless, the compliment Sonia had thrown her in regards to her shoes was anything but common courtesy. She really did find them attractive which is exactly why Sonia found herself focused on the shoe boxes that adorned the second shelf of the walk-in closet. Boxes after boxes were piled in a random heap and Sonia had to make sure that the entire stack didn’t come crushing down on her. The last thing she needed to do was attract attention whilst she invaded her boss’s personal belongi,

“Ow!” Sonia let out a yelp of pain when something toppled to the ground, landing on her toe. With a groan she reached down and slowly picked up the item, whilst rubbing her throbbing toe. Upon further examination, she realised that the item was a small, quite heavy wooden box with intrinsic patterns engraved all around it. This looked interesting. It most likely held jewellery. Jewellery that would make her coffee-skin glow. A minute barely passed before Sonia’s fingers quickly pried the box open. Sadly there was no jewellery, just photographs. Simple photographs. Of her. Simple photographs of her. Naked photographs. Simple naked photographs of her. Her shock soon turned to rage. Of course he took pictures of her. She wasn’t upset with him. What man wouldn’t want to take pictures of her, let alone naked ones? But why the hell would he take them without her permission? And how high was she not to have noticed? Also, why in the hell would he store the pictures in his wife’s wardrobe? Granted he had hidden it behind shoe boxes but still; imagine if his precious wife had decided to venture out of her self made prison and try on a pair of shoes. Or was that his plan? Sonia had asked for more money the previous night but he had been in an iffy mood thus he bit her head off in response. She had then threatened to expose their affair before he stormed out of the guest bedroom that she had made her own once she moved into the house. Was this his way of getting back at her? Have his psycho wife found out about the affair resulting in Sonia being fired before being ejected from the premises. The thought did little to stop the tears from forming in her eyes. She needed this job. Yes she was sleeping with a married man but that’s not on her. She didn’t take any vows. She made no promises. This was all his fault and she’s be damned if she was going to go down for this. She let out a frustrated sigh. Of course she was going to go down for this if it all came out. All that was left to do was calm her ‘significant other-other’ down and let him know that her lips were sealed as long as he kept the camera at bay.

“I haven’t seen you all day. I missed you” These were the words that Sonia whispered as she rubbed her hands up and down Mr. Stewart’s broad chest. The blush slowly moved from his neck all the way up to his cheeks. The last thing he expected was for the young babysitter to come prancing into his office wearing nothing but a silk, pink negligee. He recognized it because he had bought it solely for her. It was not something he would have bought on his own accord but he soon learnt to do whatever he was told. Life was easier that way. Sonia had done a slow twirl and had glanced knowingly to the adjacent bedroom before approaching her lover’s desk. Craig Stewart had then slowly stood up, wiping his palm sweat off on his silk black dress pant, “Did you miss me?”

“I..” He cleared his throat before responding with a small smile. A smile that proved that he was most likely a heart-breaker during his college days. Although that was a long time ago, he clearly hadn’t lost his charm if the looks the nanny was throwing him were anything to go by. Also, his wallet didn’t hurt but who was he to complain? “Yes. Of course I did” Her grin brightened,

“I’m sorry about last night. I was just upset. I didn’t mean what I said, Of course I wouldn’t speak to your wife” His wife. Why did she have to bring her up? Especially now? That was the last thing he wanted to think about. Ever. The mention of her furrowed his brows and the butterflies in his stomach began to fly in formation. Sonia noticed his sudden mood change, “Baby?”

“What?” He snapped. Sonia stopped her movements and slowly let her hands drop. This was not going how she had been hoping. She plastered on a forced smile and took his had, ironically the one that wore his wedding ring but she had learnt to ignore that piece of jewellery,

“Why don’t we take this to the bedroom? You can even take more pictures of me” She breathed.

“Wait what? Pictures? How did you..”

“I found them”

“Where?” Shit. How was she going to explain that she had taken the term ‘make yourself at home’ a little too directly

“Uhm..” Change of strategy, “Why didn’t you tell me? I wouldn’t have minded posing for you. I wouldn’t mind posing for you now. Especially in this little number you bought for me. Would you like that?” Honestly? He wasn’t sure what he liked anymore, “Come on. Let’s take more pictures for you”

“Those pictures weren’t for me” Sonia ignored his random rambling, desperate to get him in bed so that their tiff from last night would be completely forgotten. Also, he seemed more distracted than usual so at least she would take his mind off things,

“Come on Mr. Photographer. Let’s go play” she pulled him towards the bedroom but she was roughly tugged back when he didn’t move, “Baby?”

“Those pictures weren’t for me”

“I don’t..”

“They were for me” Sonia spun on her heel and her jaw almost dropped to the ground when she made out the figure in the doorway. It was Mrs. Mckenzie except she wasn’t wearing her trademark sweats. She was actually wearing a negligee strikingly similar to the one Sonia was wearing except for the fact that hers was red. The outfit was paired with matching heels and her glowing face was adorned with a mischievous smirk.

“Feeling better honey?” Never had Sonia heard Craig’s voice sound so timid. And was there a hint of terror?

“What’s going on?” Sonia asked. Mrs. Mckenzie let out a scoff and Sonia noticed that there was something vacant about her eyes.

“I’ll leave you two alone” Craig whispered before walking towards the door. He stopped by his wife but she barely reacted to his presence. With his head lowered, he walked past her and out the door.

“Get in there and get on the bed” Mrs. Mckenzie said.

“I’m not gay” Probably not the best response but that was the only thing that Sonia could think of to say.

“What you are is my employee who’s been stealing my clothes and screwing my husband. Get on the bed” Mrs. McKenzie’s smirk widened into a grin as Sonia’s face paled. Her eyes darted up and down the young woman’s body, “I knew there was a reason why we hired you. Craig was against it but let’s be honest; he doesn’t wear the pants. Am I right?”

“You’re sick”

“But I have great taste. Look how wonderful that looks on you. On both of us” She did a quick twirl and looked at Sonia, as if she expected her to do the same, “Oh come now. You’re ruining the fun”

“Why are you doing this?” Sonia’s voice almost cackled with tears.

“It’s not fair for Craig to have all the fun just because he’s a man. A weak one at that but a man all the same. I need some fun too so I came up with a little game. Then again I haven’t played the game in a year so I may be a little rusty. How am I doing?” Sonia gave her a confused face, “I’m going to take that as a ‘great’. Oh come now, you’re not exactly Mrs. Innocent. Don’t worry; I’ll bill you for the extra house” Sonia still didn’t move an inch and the smile slowly fell from Mrs. McKenzie’s face, “I can ruin your life at the snap of my fingers. You wanted to be the woman of the house so might as well do the woman of the house” Her laugh radiated across the room and Sonia found her arms coated with goosebumps, “Do you honestly think that you’ll be able to go anywhere in life once I’m through trashing your name all over town? Come on buttercup, you have to be smarter than that. What’s mine is mine and what’s Craig’s is also mine. He could barely stop raving about his.. My new toy. Now like I said; Get in there and get on the bed”

Sonia hated her job.


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